Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Gala outfit

Would have been easier to have someone else take these photos, but it doesn't matter that much in the end :D

So, here's the dress and the bolero-type thing. And the new black (plastic) beads.

...my laptop on the floor... :D

Next up (or down - to be exact) -> the shoes.

Yap, the same ones I got last (2011) July :)

Aaaaaand finally, Le Me in le dress! :D

Didn't have the shoes on - and wouldn't have been able to take a pic with them (wall too close to the mirror-door). But quite okay still :) I really like the dress. And the pockets! My hair was pooffier than what it looks like. And more red. The lights make it look very different :o

One closer-up of the beads :)

Almost the same kind I had as a kid :D Just different color.

I'll take a photo of my ear decorations later, it's a fun piece of "jewelry"! :)


Tomorrow: no ballet. Thursday: no ballet. Friday: YES ballet!

Here's the National Ballets dancers' congratulations - in 21 languages! They showed this bit in the gala :)



  1. Looking gorgeous there! Love that outfit, well put together. We seem to have a similar taste! : )

    1. Thanks! :) Have to say that the 15 euros I put in that dress were well spent :D The bolero I've had for couple years now, suits with many of my dresses :)