Sunday, January 15, 2012

First classes and Ouch!

I was quite excited on Friday, my first ballet class in 27 (TWENTY SEVEN) days! So I left home early enough, walked in the snow and storm (haha) (well, it Was snowing and windy), got to the buildings of the culture center and... fell. I was walking with normal speed or even slower, but under the fluffy snow was icy hard snow. Hit my knees hard on the ground, left one more than right. There were two ladies present, who didn't ask me if I was okay, only expressed their feeling of surprise and fright. Luckily I got up quickly and could walk just fine. (And as a flute player: Luckily didn't injure my hands or face!!!)

Not a good start for the year, I say... :D

To the barré! Our Friday-teacher was on a good mood. We had nice routines, interesting ones even. Turning a lot, new hands and stuff. My legs were Super Heavy after the break and being sick, but what I'm proud of: not giving up even on the adagio! :) Pirouettes weren't visible by the barre that day, but I tried. Next week I'll try more.

My Friday spot :)

In the center we did tendus, jetes, grand battements, some pirouettes (did better than by barre)... Lot of routines. My goal was to remember the moves, on the second round to improve my balance. In the end we had some big jumps. Also a fun set across the floor (in diagonal):

Preparation - chasse & sissonne arabesque - chasse & sissonne arabesque - chasse & sissonne arabesque - some bourre suivi - chasse & sissonne attitude - run away... (gracefully, of course - haha....)

Another was like this (straight across the floor):

Chasse & sissonne (working leg flies in front, hands in third pos.) - chasse & sissonne (same) - chasse & sissonne (same) - prep. for soutenus -> 2 x slow soutenu - 3 x fast (double speed) soutenus - end in third arabesque.

The 90 minutes didn't feel as long as they sometimes do, in Friday evenings... ;) Anyway I was happy to leave, as my dad came to pick me up and there was SAUNA waiting for me. Loved it. Some good food with the parents, then home. On Saturday morning I was super sleepy, with the left knee hurting a bit. Didn't feel like going, but would have regretted it So Much. So I did go and it was great. Interesting routines, though I would have liked to do a bit more in the center (our barre took 60 out of the 90 min. we have). Also we had 12 people participating + our teacher, quite many for our class. It was weird in the center, as it felt even crowded. But managed to Not hit anyone!

On the left we've got the longer barre, in front the shorter one :)

Saturday's center adagio consisted of temps lie par terre, in different directions. I liked it, because it's stuff I know well :) ...easy, might one even say... Some tendus & pirouettes, not bad. Across the floor (not diagonal) some biggish jumps. For the pointe-15-minutes I had my boys in work, the Capezios. They felt So Nice... But the box is still too big and the vamp too high. And overall they are a bit too big. Next week I think I'll take my girls (Bloch Suprima) or their friends (Serenade). I _really_ would like to get the perfect pair. But this season I'll go with these that I have. If the Bloch's still behave badly, then the boys have more work.

These I wear with the boys, as there's too much space round my toes.

One more class to report! It was the latino jazz in my old school (same as my morning class). The Thursday class that I was planning, has been cancelled. But I maybe prefer this weekend one, as I'm not tired from teaching/working myself. This new teacher is actually an old dance friend, we had some same classes as teenagers. She's developped this jazz variant herself, it combines the typical latin moves (samba, salsa, cha cha etc.) with jazz. And from what I can say based on the first class, I like it. Challenging for me, yes. But still fun! Also I might be the oldest taking it, but I hope the younger ones won't think it's weird...

Today there would have been the first (normal) jazz class, but in the morning the knee didn't feel good, so I decided to skip it. And try next week again :)


p.s. I would Love to have more classes in the morning (or before 12 am). It makes me wake up smoothly (despite sweating) and gives excellent feeling for the rest of the day.


  1. Sorry to hear that those two women didn't help you when you fell. But at least you're okay. :) Sounds like you've been working a lot in class!

  2. Hi Caity! :)

    I think it's a bit like habit of Finnish people to first just stare - instead of helping. But when they see it's a serious situation, they do help :D Like when I broke my ankle.

    I'm daydreaming of an "anytime card" to dance classes. Wouldn't have to think when to go but just go :)