Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some (ballet) photos by me!

Just before Christmas I went to see a ballet-geek-friend's Christmas Performance. Well, it was their school's but still. There was a fairytale as the red line, tale of wild swans. My friend was the Evil Queen! :) She had a solo and all! Took some photos with my small camera, had some problems with the flash and stuff, but I'll share some of the pictures anyway :)

We started our ballet day with some DELICIOUS cake at Cafe La Famille (Tampere)
I had time to wander around the center, saw this lovely blue Xmas tree by the Xmas market :)
 By the market I also met these! :) Mr Nutcracker and his friends!

Nice big tree also in the theatre's hallway :)

Sat down on the 2nd row and felt the exciting atmosphere... Lot of playwriter names up there.
Wouldn't want to sit there!
So the show began. First there was bollywood style, very energetic as you can see :)

The dancing people in the castle.
Soon there was also The Solo!!! Yay! :)
Later on the princesses turned into swans... Managed to snap this on the perfect moment! :)
Another solo, but not by my friend. This ballerina was very much enlightened, hehe... :) But it was beautiful.

Took lots of other photos, too, but don't want to show them :D I really enjoyed the story and many dance styles! Made me remember my old days (as a teen) in my dance school, sometimes had 3 or 4 different styles to perform and even 2 dances from some... Loved the rush and changing of clothes and accessories and shoes and all. I really like performing and hope to get to the stage again in May. Some of the people in my classes do not want to perform, I think it's a pity. But everyone has their own reasons, and as we all are adults, it's not obligatory to prance round the stages... ;)

Next post... Hmm... Maybe about my goals for this spring? I set one in August -> double turns. Well well. Shall write more about them later :)

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