Tuesday, January 31, 2012

About Le Weekend

Saturday evening was Amazing, to put it shortly. I started to write a post about it right after, but it took me so long that I had to give up and sleep (training waiting the next morning). But also decided to post twice about it. First to list the works, second to give my opinion. My goal is to do both this week, preferably sooner than later :)

If you want to see a programme made of Saturday's performance, you can watch it online (for about 28-29 days left). It IS available also abroad, unlike said before! Have to say that I was personally disappointead with the amount (or lack) of dancing in it, they cut some works and left many totally out! What's with that?? BUT: the programme still is interesting and you'll see one of my favorites in it (a male solo from Ballet Pathétique, by Jorma Uotinen, danced by Antti Keinänen). The interviews are in Finnish, no subtitles.

p.s. Took those 2 classes on Sunday (contemporary and ballet). Derriere aching at the moment. Was very much worth it! :)

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