Who's this?

* Iepukka is a nickname my first ballet teacher gave me.

* I'm a professional musician.

* Like to cook and bake, though am not any super-chef or extraordinary baker.

* I enjoy many kinds of crafts, especially knitting (this "knitosis" of mine is sometimes quite bad).

* These days my main hobby is ballet, the same as during my childhood and teenage years. I wasn't gifted with it, but our teacher was so lovely that I kept going.

* 3 years ago managed to drag myself back to barré, this time it was a thing called "ballet for adults". There's a saying about getting more hungry as you keep eating - well, during last spring I attended already 3 different classes in a week. I've also gone back to jazz classes, fun and challenging.

* Would love to dance every day. Ballet has been excellent work-out for my previously broken ankle. Even pointe shoes have been worn again.

* Besides work, dancing and other buzz, my days are filled with cat. She's called Viuhti (after a character in The Moomins), turned 8 this July. One opinionated creature, with coloring of black and white. And no aging in sight, only loads of energy ;)

Sometimes it's just best to take it easy.