Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Colors and ballet - I heart them!

I've gone totally nuts over this particular picturesite, we heart it. You'll find my photo sets here, but I still want to present some of them separately. For instance, today was quite gloomy outside, so I'm bringing out colorful stuff that I like :) All photos I've found via weheartit.com, but the original publisher is different in each (as the site users know). Some photos on the site have a link to the resource, though often they've been already reposted from somewhere. It's tricky, as I'd like to know who was the original owner...

But for now, here you go!


These aren't worth playing for Real, but funny to look at ;) (And you'll find them for example in amazon.com.)

For some guitar hero?

Photo by David Tribby / davidtribby.com -> http://data.whicdn.com/images/15758170/tumblr_lspyc1ek2Y1qbk0rto1_500_large.jpg

I've seen these in nature with my Own Eyes! :)

Who wins? ;)


LOVE these dresses!


Autumn break (one week) is over. Got a terrible cold during the weekend, dislike! But our Suzuki-training was great again. Learned lots of new things - also got inspired by wonderful colleagues. Didn't get to try the other ballet teacher's class in Helsinki (on Friday), but there'll be other chances. Now I'm waiting to get a bit better quickly, so I can attend the Wednesday class. It's been a whole week without dancing, dislike this also!

I was planning to watch many many whole ballets, but did I? Nope. Other movies? Yes. Luckily soon it's weekend again and then there's time to see maybe one Nutcracker and a Swan Lake. Perhaps a Giselle, too. Until then, it's work and pirouette-dreams.


  1. Wonderful colors. Beautiful spring. I miss this spring!

  2. Hi Adam and Thanks for commenting! :)

    I love colors, but also like for example apartments that are very white. Autumn is super colorful usually in Finland, so winter with snow feels somehow soothing after it.

  3. Oh this was an excellent post - paticuarly as the dark time of year is coming! I particularly liked the colourful fluits and guitars, the macaroons and pointe shoes! I'll have to check out that I heart it-site. : )

  4. Iina Thanks :) I really recommend it :) You and everyone else can fin it here -> http://weheartit.com/

    My profile/picture sets there are under this same nick (iepukka).

  5. Please add my url under the image (http://data.whicdn.com/images/15758170/tumblr_lspyc1ek2Y1qbk0rto1_500_large.jpg) or take it down. I work too hard to not get credit for my work.


    1. Thank you David for your comment. I'm sorry for this, found the beautiful photo of yours in weheartit and didn't know who was the owner. I have now added your info under it, sorry it took me a while. I haven't been checking the blog for a month now and didn't see your comment, it was waiting to be published.