Friday, October 28, 2011

Dreaming of a Home

I like daydreaming.
A lot.
There are many things I like to dream about.
One of them is a home of my own (at the moment I'm renting). has too many lovely photos of rooms and details I like.
Maybe one or some of them will end up in my home one/some day?
I'm hoping so ;)

Everything! ...except the antlers/horns on the wall.

Everything! ...except the carpet floor.

Everything! ...except the coffee tables.

Would like to sit & read here :) Though probably would have bigger armchairs.

The colors! And the sofa!

Stairs and books and... yep :)

I'm very much tempted to organize my books by the colors, but then they would be really mixed up. So, not yet, but maybe some day.

I know this is a shop of some kind. But look at those stairs! :D

Love it! Could have twinkly lights all year round.

Maybe a bit too industrial, but the right direction anyway.

The brick wall could be red.

What's with the tiny carpet? No! Otherwise - yes.

I would sleep here. But more space would be needed for the clothes.

Lovely chaos :)

Yes please.

Sweet zzzz....

Living rooms.

Details later :)

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