Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sick and tired of being sick and tired - NO BALLET :(

Okay. Now it's been almost 2 weeks without a class. Last week there simply was none (except the one on Monday with younger folks, who were somewhat better than me) because of the Autumn break. This week? Major cold. I thought it would be over in a couple of days, bit of sneezing etc. NOPE. It's getting worse, as the coughing began yesterday. Yay... My insides tickle. And. I. Don't. Like. It.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to go and Watch the class. There's a small, sort of a balcony where I can sit, so I won't be among the people actually attending. I'll take my notebook and a pen, write down as much as I can, the routines and possible "public" corrections that might be useful. It's going to be super annoying just to sit. I'm already sure they'll have new lovely routines and pirouette exercises... I've been missing the latter so much.

The balcony.

I shall observe...

...and get wiser. Yes. (As if.)

Maybe it's time for some more rooibos with lemon, ginger root and honey. With an episode of Oz.

Have a nice Saturday! :)


  1. Hi Iepukka!

    I´m sorry you´re still sick and out of ballet class. But don´t push yourself to soon. It´s really frustrating to go to class only to realize you should have rested longer!

    Next week will be better. Take good care of yourself!

    - Johanna

  2. Hi!

    As I told in fb, not even observing today... Fever. But got to sleep maaaany hours, so something good in it :) I guess a couple days of sick leave would have done miracles, but no chance of getting any.

    Lots of ginger and that'll do it :D

  3. Hi Iepukka!

    Get better soon!!! I know how it feels, had so many colds this autumn. But the joy once you finally get back to class!

    Hihihi I'm glad to hear you're getting enough ginger into your system - that'll beat it for sure! ; D

  4. Hello Iina :)

    I bet I'll be quite dead on Thursday, if I'll get to class on Wed. Haven't been doing anything for over 2 weeks then and it'll surely feel all over :D But I miss having sore muscles, so looking forward to it.

    I put some ginger in the cake I made today. Although it's dried and powdered, so not the same effect as with the fresh root in my tea :P It's wonderful stuff!