Thursday, October 13, 2011

What the Bloch????

Okay, haven't been writing too often lately... But I'm tired = need my Autumn break -> which will be next week, yay! :) More time to think, analyze, write And watch then. I've got a loooooong list of works to see and a place where to see them. Excited I am! :D

But for today it's all about My Bloch ;)

As a kid and teen I had only a few ballet items, meaning leotards, tights, shoes and so on. One pair of softs, one pair of pointe shoes. One leo. Maybe 2 pairs of tights. One pair of legwarmers. These days... Well, I've got maybe too much ;) But there're just soooooo many options these days! Also in shops that aren't actually selling ballet stuff, but things that can be worn As ballet stuff. BUT: I've purchased some "real" clothes etc, some would call them labelled. Some Capezio, some Intermezzo, but mostly they seem to be Bloch. I found pictures on their site, actually all of them that I have :) So here you go!

Suprima ->

Prolite II (canvas, one pair black, one like the picture) ->

Lydia shrug (mine is black, super soft) ->

Lucy (knitted shorts, super soft) ->

The name of these is actually Quite hilarious!!! :D It is "Makeeta", which in Finnish means "Sweet! / Cool!" ->

A navy blue wrap skirt (it says satin ribbon on the site, but it's not, more like the same chiffon as the whole skirt) ->

Leotard called Dreamer <3 (mine is red, like Xmas red... :D) ->


Additional picture. These I would like to get, want to test them. I like the Suprima's on my foot (as I've got quite tapered toes), but the platform Is very small. So, Serenade's... Maybe.

Serenade ->


Haven't yet been wearing the skirt, the knitted shorts nor the leotard. But as the weather gets colder and colder, the shorts will be tested quite soon I think :)

That's it for now. Next subjects will be for example a report on my 2 classes with an amazing teacher in Footlight (Helsinki). And of course the works I've seen! Romeo & Juliet from 30th of April, Blood Wedding / Scheherazade from 27th of September... Would be fun to write about a Swan Lake I saw in the beginning of 90s - if only I'll find the brochure somewhere. Lots of ideas :)


  1. Hei!

    Your page looks great by the way - I love the pink ribbons and the glitter! : )

    I've never really been into sports clothes and have had just the minimal stuff to get along whether it's been yoga or spinning. But..ballet is different! I've noticed I've got tons of stuff already even though I've only been dancing less than a year! Ballet clothes are nice! It also helps that I've found some very good bargains on the internet. I'd find it quite difficult to spend 40€ on a leotard (as they cost in local shops) - so I reckon price is a big factor in this.

    I like your selection of stuff, it's interesting to see other people's choices. : ) And of course the pointe shoes are lovely, hoping to get there one day myself!

    Enjoy wearing your lovely ballet clothes - and particularly: dancing in them! Hope you can visit our class again soon! : )


  2. Heippa Iina!

    And Thanks! :) As a kid I hated pink - as a grown-up-wannabe I love it. How weird is that...

    I think I'm bit of a gear-geek when it comes to dressing up for ballet class. But it makes me want to work more by the barre! Since August 2010 as I've taken more and more classes, I've turned into wearing these tight clothes - and I like it :D

    Also I agree on the prices in our dear country... Really, 40 euros or over it for one (usually really ordinary) leotard is way too much. I got quite lucky with most of this Bloch stuff, it was on sale :) And the red leo -> 10 euros! Me (and my wallet) like it ;) I'd like to make dance-gear myself, leos and skirts, but haven't had the time to sit down and plan it. (Some might call it designing, haha...) But for the skirts I do have the fabrics & ribbons, so they are bound to happen one day (soon I think).

    Hoping to meet you guys at class, too! :) Again :D