Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twirling twirling... What's your favorite?

Mine is pirouette en dehors, from 4th position, to the right. It's a bit funny that I like especially this direction, because my left ankle is the worse one. I mean, just half a year ago there was handful of metal in it.

Second favorite would be... Well, none other but en dehors, from 4th, to the left!

Hmmmmm.... Actually. As I started writing this AND thinking about it - I can't choose between them. Really. Tomorrow there's going to be a class. I Have to try them for good and make up my mind.

But what I can honestly say, is that en dedans is more difficult, no matter what the starting / prepairing position is. 4th or 5th. From fourth the reason might be that one has to be more on the supporting leg (en dehors more on both feet) and at that point I try to swish with the same hand (as the supporting leg) too much and end up getting speed way more than I need... Or something :D

If there was a workshop dealing with pirouettes for dummies, I'd be taking it for sure. I know the basics, but lack the final skills to put them in practice. With my "dance-sisters" there's often talk about these moves and the more advanced ones do give excellent advice. I've started collecting them to a notebook, shall make a post later on to summarize them. There are just so many little things to remember - and they all have a huge effect on the final result. If only one would remember all of them when performing the turn - and would be able to actualise them -.-

I shall end today with this video with two great exercises. And a nice-looking man ;)


  1. Hi Iepukka!

    Thanks for a fun post :)

    As one of your "ballet-sisters", I would like to share this brilliant advice from Nichelle of dance

    I have written quite a few posts about pirouettes, it´s a subject that never stops to fascinate! We all want to turn, and preferably more than doubles.. ;)

    Favorite pirouettes? I don´t really have any. Some days I turn better en dehors, other days en dedans. On good days it doesn´t matter which way. Grand pirouettes are my biggest challenge right now. I would love to turn a double a la seconde, some day. And those damned fouetté pirouettes! Eight has been my best so far. 32? I wish!

    With pirouettes, it helps me best to think of it as a turning balance. Pushing into the floor, stretching your supporting leg and stacking your " body parts" over your axis.

    If you have problems with en dedans turns, remember that the preperation is not a static pose. So despite that your supporting leg is already bent, you still have to plié before pushing off!

    Locate your axis before you turn and always visualise and actualize a neat finish.

    Have fun twirling and turning!

  2. Hello Johanna and Thank you for visiting again!! :)

    The link is Very good... I really still need remindings about the basics (though I said I know them -> reality shows that I don't :D). Today's class would have been perfect after the Autumn break, but no chance of having energy with this cold :( But the good thing is that I've got a bit more time to READ! For example stuff about pirouettes ;) I'll get my brains buzzing and Hoooooopefully on Friday get to try balancing & some turns.

    We've tried grand pirouettes from time to time, but there haven't been any Advice for them. So I've just done my best. A la seconde seems Very difficult, for the leg does Not want to stay on the side (with good turnout). Arabesque & attitude ones are a bit easier.

    But now I shall visit your bag! :D