Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Monday and today again!

Just what might the headline mean? Well.... Classes of ballet, of course. As I wrote that I'm going to see if there's any action on Monday, I did go. And there was.

Short report. We (meaning me + one other student + teacher) started the class with 4 minutes of abs. Different styles, but the song lasted for whooooole fooooour minutes... :D It was exhausting but Fun. After that -> to the barré! All the movement materials were familiar, but the routines were new. And I'm a bit nervous at the moment, because I don't remember them properly yet. So I'm hoping the teacher will show them (once is enough, but still needed).

My legs weighed a ton each, which made me feel slightly desperate at some points. But I did my best with what I had that day. Have to say that it wasn't my best day in general, though. Keeping legs turned out in balances - oh dear. Today I've decided to do them (balancing at barre) on flat foot, not demi pointe. I want to focus on the working leg more. If there's any hope with it ;)

What next... There was a short bit of floor barre, grand battements (devant & a la seconde). Interesting, a bit challenging, also fun. Then basic tendus + some grand battements + pirouettes (standing up again). A short beautiful adagio. With my lame developpes. En diagonale - we had a nice waltz type routine, some pique pirouettes in the end. Small jumps in the middle (my entrechat-quattres were good, said the teacher). A bigger jump routine en diagonale, also gave me a Lot to think about.


I've been craving for challenge in class and here it seems to be. Just hoping that the teacher doesn't feel too frustrated with my level of skills. And Really hoping there'll be other students with us soon, although it's good to be under a magnifier sometimes. But not every time, maybe.


This is the only Friday class this teacher (Madame P.S.) will give. From next week on there'll be only Mondays. And I'm actually quite happy about it, as I'm already having one class on Fridays (with Madame D.R-S.). And one on Saturday mornings (Madame L.S.). So the dance schedule for this year has been finalized:

Monday  /  8.15 pm - 9.45 pm  /  Ballet (young advanced)  /  Madame P.S.
Friday  /  5.30 pm - 7.00 pm  /  Ballet (adults advanced)  /  Madame D.R-S.
Saturday  /  10.00 am - 11.30 am  /  Ballet (adults advanced)  /  Madame L.S.
Sunday   /  5.30 pm - 7.00 pm  /   Jazz (adults advanced)   /   Madame T.K.

About the levels: They are all marked as advanced, but I'd say that Monday ballet and Sunday jazz are really on that level. Friday and Saturday ballets are a bit easier. But they do require several years of training, too. 

These were asked to bring along today. Yikes.

Monday, August 27, 2012

About my classes, again

So, to put it short, there was no class on Friday. Because I was the only student present. But I got to chat with the teacher, tell a little bit about myself and my dance history. She was really nice! I'm guessing younger than me, but it really doesn't matter :) She told me that there are some people who Should be coming, but couldn't make it this time. And the plan is to have probably only the Monday class - which would be great for me, because having 2 x 90 minutes in different places on Fridays would be a bit hard.

Today I'll go to the studio again, to see if there's people enough for us to have a lesson. It starts at 8.15 pm, ends at 9.30 pm. And if we'll have only one class with this teacher per week, it'll be until 9.45 pm... Quite late, but I usually stay up at least till 1 am. The only "problem" with it is walking home after class in winter. It's going to be dark, slippery and cold. But one has to just have enough clothes, right? And head straight to shower/bath when at home. Then hot tea and wool socks.

It feels very much like Autumn at the moment. It's been gray all over outside from the moment I woke up. And raining. Not much, but enough to make it chilly. I'm predicting lots of tea for today. Luckily I like it! :)


Friday, August 24, 2012

Decision time

So, it's done. Enrolled myself - there's going to be ballet on Friday and Saturday, jazz on Sunday. All of these start the Fall semester next week, so I still have to wait. So booooooooring.... :P

But today I'll finally go and try a new class, the second class for Friday (as I wrote last time). Trying new dance classes in this particular school is free, which is quite nice at the moment. It's ballet advanced, but for "younger people". I tried it last October, but didn't have the time to continue regularly. Also that time they'd had the barre routines for a while already, so the teacher didn't show much. It was bit of a challenge, but I got the most.

This time they've had only one class prior to today's, so the routines will probably be explained. The main thing that worries me are the participants. Last time there were 3 girls of maybe 18 and one over 20. I've heard that one of them applied to a university in Helsinki, but don't know if she made it. Maybe some other girls have moved to this class? Last time the teacher didn't have anything against me taking the class, but she might feel different of me going there on regular basis. I'm always over-thinking these things :D

Also... I feel HUGE compared to the girls. I'm tall (177,5 cm's) and not the skinniest. But on the other hand, I learned to accept the "difference" in all my other classes, so probably it'll be okay this time, too. In the Christmas recital last year they had the same purple leotard for everyone, wore them with white tutus. If there's a strict rule about the clothing, for example a class leo, it might be a problem. But we'll see. At 7.15 pm tonight. Yes ma'm.

I know they do pointe work, but don't know if it's regular. Their Monday class is 75 minutes, Friday 90. So it might, just Might, be on Fridays... Anyway, I'm taking the shoes with me today, just in case. Have to try some extra padding for the right foot, before leaving.

I'm quite nervous! :D

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anxiety and classes

Just a short note. I'm trying to figure out what dance classes I'm able to take this year. So far there's going to be ballet on Friday and jazz on Sunday. Also somewhat sure thing is ballet on Saturday.

What I'd Like to have also... Ballet on Monday (maybe another class on Friday, too, so there'd be 2 x 90 minutes), contemporary on Sunday and a streching class just before it. Feels kinda stupid that everything is gathering round weekends. Somehow. Of course I'll be a bit more tired during weekdays after work, but really, it would be nicer to have stuff on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. Or something like that.

But I just have to wait. And negotiate with certain people. And of course, as my own work starts again next week, I have to make those schedules - and I tell you, it's one big job. Not the most fun, might I add.


p.s. I took another tourist class in Helsinki last Tuesday!!! :) It was a lot of fun (and sweat). Hopefully will have some of those also this school year.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

To do -list

Summer classes are over, not happy me. But there were some other ballet related things I had to do, to get ready for Autumn. Here are some clues.

One inner sole piece ripped off, also the smaller one was  to be replaced.

First there was some superglue, but it's not here :P Then some thread, needle, scissors and tape.

Another pair of softies, in desperate need of elastics. As they had only one piece with them and I like to have 2 pieces (crossed over the foot), I put some black that I had left from other shoes. Not pretty but okay for classes.

New babies needed elastic And ribbons. Loving the sole here already ;)

Not my own living room :)

Stuff. (Recycled ribbons!)

Tomorrow I might take one tourist class. Not sure yet. Will report on that later! :)