Monday, August 27, 2012

About my classes, again

So, to put it short, there was no class on Friday. Because I was the only student present. But I got to chat with the teacher, tell a little bit about myself and my dance history. She was really nice! I'm guessing younger than me, but it really doesn't matter :) She told me that there are some people who Should be coming, but couldn't make it this time. And the plan is to have probably only the Monday class - which would be great for me, because having 2 x 90 minutes in different places on Fridays would be a bit hard.

Today I'll go to the studio again, to see if there's people enough for us to have a lesson. It starts at 8.15 pm, ends at 9.30 pm. And if we'll have only one class with this teacher per week, it'll be until 9.45 pm... Quite late, but I usually stay up at least till 1 am. The only "problem" with it is walking home after class in winter. It's going to be dark, slippery and cold. But one has to just have enough clothes, right? And head straight to shower/bath when at home. Then hot tea and wool socks.

It feels very much like Autumn at the moment. It's been gray all over outside from the moment I woke up. And raining. Not much, but enough to make it chilly. I'm predicting lots of tea for today. Luckily I like it! :)


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