Monday, August 12, 2013

My Ballet Summer, vol.1

I had a nice and long vacation, ended just yesterday. Today we had the first meetings at work, was almost as nice to meet the colleagues again. But I wouldn't have minded if there would indeed have been a bit more.

More time to take summer classes, to visit our cottage in the countryside, to bake or cook whenever feel like it, to sleep or stay awake as long as one wants. And so on. Managed to read some books, which is always great too.

The vacation began in the end of May and very soon there was something fun to see in Helsinki, at the Kasarmitori square to be precise. For couple of years the Finnish National Ballet has been touring in Finland during the first weeks of June. I've seen them even in my hometown and twice in Helsinki. This year we had to stand for the whole show, but it was worth it! :) Here are some photos, or actually the first batch...

Sauna scene from The Snow Queen

Lilac Fairy from The Sleeping Beauty

Mai Komori was very graceful.

Collection of endings - choreography by Emrecan Tanis

Linda Haakana in violet & Emmi Pennanen in "gold" with Johan Pakkanen

It was the premiere of this piece!

The dresses were lovely.
Timo Sokura, host of the evening.
Don Quijote - chor. Patrice Bart after Marius Petipa

Pas de deux (from the Gypsy scene)

Anna Sariola with Eemu Äikiö
The sky was Blue and the buildings were Beautiful!
Linda Haakana in her next costume... :D
Mai Komori and Terhi Räsänen, some grand piano and guitar I say!

La Banda Sonora - chor. Anandah Kononen

And the leg is still going up...


More to come... :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Seuraa blogiani Bloglovinin avulla

Just to let you know and if anyone's interested, I'm adding this ballet-adventure blog of mine to Bloglovin.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Break

Bohoooo, the vacation is almost over for me... I've been relaxing a Lot. More than enough, dare I say. I have photos and thoughts to share, but today I'll only show this picture. It's a screenshot from one of our choreographies in Spring Recital. Don't probably need to tell the name.