Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One private d.i.y. ballet camp!

Oh dear, it's been a very long while since I last posted. But it's also been one very hectic Autumn (my word load doubled from last school year - only a positive thing!) and I've had lots of ballet classes, too. Currently my dance schedule is as follows:

Monday - 90 minutes (advanced) with P
Friday - 75 minutes (advanced) with P
Saturday - 90 minutes (intermediate) with P
Sunday - 90 minutes (interm. - advanced) with K

P was my teacher also last year, K is new. Last year I had also L & D, but this year L's classes are at the same time with my work and D doesn't teach here anymore. So, one new style to learn also this year with K. And so far I've liked it. :)

This week I have my "Autumn vacation". Almost a whole week. One week that is very very welcome. As the school year began, I planned taking at least one class with M-P (in Helsinki) and soon it became obvious that I'd have time for Only one. And this week would be the time for it. Started thinking about spending couple days in the City, since I really like it and haven't had too much time to visit for many months. Also 2 ballet friends asked if I'd be interested in taking a class at the Helsinki Ballet Academy with Mr Juha Kirjonen - well, yes of course! And since we don't have our regular classes this week (besides Sunday)...


My feet & our romantic tutu in April, at the dressing room :D

Wednesday is tomorrow and I'm excited! It's so much fun to pack my bag and choose shirts and tights and shoes. Friday classes are also in Footlight (like Wed), and the last one is a pointe class. That's pretty scary, as I've done pointe only with my regular teachers and I know that Madame G is quite strict. But in a good way... :) I've been only once before in her class, so it's a nearly new experience also.

And on top of these, I might go and see the Sleeping Beauty on Saturday afternoon (at the Opera, by our National Ballet). Haven't decided yet. But that show has an interesting cast, so I keep thinking... ;)

I decided to stay in this fairly cheep hotel and it happened to have an offer of 3 nights for the price of 2. It's in the center, close to both schools I'll visit etc. This is a ballet camp of my own, my "holiday in South". A chance to dance and meet some friends, to rest in between and see the town. Yay indeed!