Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Molding Me - with Ballet

So, another year has passed - but it was sure different! Today - just like in January 2011 - I started this diet made by pro-trainers. It includes a programme for gym or if you're like me (and don't do gym), a programme to do at home. And of course the actual diet. Women and men have both their own lists. It's a free thing, all in the internet. One just has to registrate and follow the instructions. I've participated now 3 times (last year), so this is my fourth round. And it has worked quite nicely for me, even though I wasn't The Most Enthusiastic person.

I'm not sharing the actual measurements, but here are some facts. During 1 year I've lost a lot of things. For example...
  • 8 kg's
  • 11 cm's from my cheast (but it doesn't make my boobs smaller, which is annoying!!!)
  • 7 cm's from my hips
  • 15 cm's from my waist :)
  • 5,5 cm's from my thigh (right side)
  • 3,5 cm's from my calf (-//-)
...but NOTHING from my biceps!!! Right side has even grown 0,5 cm's :D

I guess all of this is good. At least it has made me feel good. I'm looking for similar losses this year - or even more. I was supposed to have a year of 4 x ballet and 2 x jazz per week, but now I'm having only 2 x ballet and maybe 2 x jazz. Have to "maintain" that home-workout more.

At the moment I actually enjoy seeing myself in ballet gear! :) Well, it doesn't yet include a leotard so often, but there are tights/leggings, tight shorts, tight shirt. So one really sees the figure. I know I'm still somewhat bigger than others in class, but it doesn't bother me that much anymore.

Before... (haha! :D Found via weheartit.com)

Some day I may post before and after photos, but Just Maybe. And it'll take many more weeks. Or months. Or year(s). At the moment I'm very eager to see our Christmas Performance video :D My pants weren't the best, but it was a fun coreography! And the local paper called it "one of the night's gems" even! :)

...and after! (also from weheartit.com)

That's it for today. Soon off to sleep, or maybe Jersey Shore first... Yes, I do watch it. I think it's hilarious! :D

Found via weheartit.com <3 :D

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