Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ballet class reports

Rrrrrright. On Friday I was feeling alright and did Not fall down on the yard of our studios. The door to studio wasn't locked for some reason, so I went in early (as it was empty) and did some warming up, streching. And some turns. I Think I'm starting to get the idea of the speed I need - or in other words, the speed that I Don't need. It really doesn't require that much to go round yourself. What I miss most in my classes are the basic (preparation) exercises for pirouettes. Both teachers just assume that we all got them under control. (They should look better as we do not have that control.) Maybe a class with pirouette Theme every now and then would be good. I've been wondering, if I would dare ask for it... Maybe.


Back to Friday.

As more folk started to gather up and teacher also, I saw something NEW, completely new, happen. A man walked in. *Wow, goes the crowd.* He was a pro dancer, a teacher of my friend(s). His main "sport" isn't ballet, but he sure was good in it, too. There are contemporary dance classes by him on Mondays, but I've got like 0 chances of making to them from work. *Blah, goes the crowd.* Anyway, the class started and this dude trained with us. Very friendly and hard-working. And flexible. By the barre I could only catch glimpses of him, but saw his legs many times rising up. In the middle he was next to me, on the right side. But Still couldn't watch too much of his work, had to make myself work hard, too! But it paid off. My balances were better, also some jumps. And those darn pirouettes. No doubles, but clean(ish) singles.

I think our teacher wanted to work hard also. Last week we had a flic-flac-routine (barre) and she Mentioned that later on it'll be with a turn. Well, this time we had that turn. Already. And it was really challenging, for me at least. But fun to try. Also she was even more demanding in the middle than usual. AND she didn't let mr Pro waltz on his own, he had to improve some things, too.

In the very end of the class we started rehearsing our Spring recital coreography. The music is Humoresque by A. Dvorak, played by a symphony orchestra. Beneath something quite close to our version, except the soloists (which are marvellous here).

Saturday morning was very nice. Didn't feel too tired as I woke up, waited to get to the studio. Worked even harder than on Friday. My goal was to "fill the music with movement", in slow and fast routines. And in my opinion I succeeded :) In the middle there were some pirouettes glued in between some routines - and they turned out (haha!) fine. My pointe work wasn't my best - but not my worst either. 

By the way, I kinda forgot to take photos of my outfits during summer (except the first few). Haven't done it now either, but still want to describe it.
  • Dark but colorful in all
  • Red leggings
  • Grey shorts
  • Blue shirt (long-sleeved), black camisole top under it
  • Black shoulder-warmer (bolero-type with long sleeves)
  • Green leg-warmers (loooooong ones)
  • Ballet-pinkish flats (Sansha Silhouettes)

 Last but Not least -> the latino jazz! There were only 3 of us + the teacher, but it was still great. Samba-reggae for warming up, 2 short routines across the floor, then one longer routine towards the mirror. Basic jazz technique routines, then a floor-barre routine (my whole body/all the muscles were sore on Sunday) which was Very efficient. Competetive dance -type samba and in the end also salsa. Had some problems with my hips going the wrong way in the beginning, but at least my brains have the right idea now.

And once again I have to say this: I'm so frustrated as I can't take any of my classes this week :((((((((((((((( There is a teeny-tiny chance for some comtemporary and then ballet in Helsinki on Sunday, but I have a bad feeling about it. I mean, we have that Suzuki training and I don't know what time we stop... But if I'll have no classes this week, it means working even harder the next time. *Nodding determinedly.*



  1. Mitä M:n balettitunneille on tapahtunut? :o

    1. Pari viikkoa sitten tuli viesti, että ne on toistaiseksi tauolla. Ehkä joskus jatkuu. Oon tosi harmissani asiasta, mutta eipä tässä ny oikein mikään auta :/ Eilen oli myös uutisissa, että se koulurakennus jossa niitä pidetty, tyhjennettiin asbestiepäilysten takia. Varmaan tilat tanssitunneillekin sit vaihtuu.

      Mutta jos tunnit kevään aikana vielä jatkuu, niin oon kyllä intopinkeenä heti menossa! :)