Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Tomorrow's Friday = ballet day! Yay! Then it's Saturday = ballet And latino jazz day! Double Yay!

Yesterday was dull. Except work. It was a bit surprising, because normally on a dull day also work is "dull supreme". But not this time, nope :) Had 3 pupils, all of whom had practiced their music very well. One showed her Christmas present, Harry Potter sheetmusic for 1-3 flutes. We flipped through it and agreed that some time during this Spring semester we'll play them.

As I took the train home (luckily it was on time and the travel takes only 8-9 minutes + some walking), it hit me. No ballet. I was so used to it, couple of hours working, train to center, walking to the school, changing, streching and warming up... NOTHING in sight. It made me so gloomy that I didn't want to go home just yet. Wandered round the town, bought nothing, went to a cafe (no good for the on-going diet), did some grocery shopping... Slouched home. Felt soooooo irritated. Instead of doing the home-work-out (stupid me) decided to watch some ballet on youtube. Also flipped through vintage type ballet photos via

And guess what?

It did make me feel better. Before closing this laptop in the (late) evening, I did also some thinking. And there were more positive stuff on this dull Wednesday than negative.
  • -1,5 kg's in 2,5 days!!! Most of it some type of fluids, but still. Yay!
  • Well, the 3 wonderful pupils, of course.
  • The fact that I did Not buy that perfume on sale... (saved some money, haha)
  • The thought of upcoming Thursday and Friday (first dance day) right after it! Yay!

 Today was okay. Slept more than was planning to, but made it to work nice and on time. Pupils were okay, most of them had practiced, too. Mom came to pick me up again, we did the food shopping together (again). As I came home, Viuhti was happy to see me. I got her a new activating toy with a light. She chased it for a Looong time :)

And the best news is yet to be written.

-> Our Finnish National Ballet turns 90 this year. There's a gala performance on Friday the 27th and the following Saturday. They were both sold out, but today as I opened fb in the evening -> Opera informs on their page that there are some tickets available again! I just Had to see if there was any "reasonably" priced left. Well, on Fri there was 52 euros, Sat 68. The first ones weren't on too good seats, so I decided to get the pricier. Because I will be in town anyway (for Suzuki training) and this gala isn't coming up any time soon again. Except maybe in 10 years (as they turn 100), but that's a long time... :D

Also another fun thing! I considered booking a hotel room for the training weekend, but it was a bit too much. BUT today it turned out that the hotel I usually stay in has a special offer for 1,5 weeks now. So of course I got a room for 2 nights. And it turned out to be cheaper than the 1 night I was thinking at first. (So the money I saved on the hotel stuff went on the ballet ticket...)

I've decided that I want to see the 3 classical pieces FNB is performing this season. Don Quijote, Coppelia and La Bayadere. I've seen non of them live, so it's about time to do that. (But some cheaper seats - and opera binoculars...)

And now it's time for some tea. And sleeping. In the morning I'll be bright and shiny at a meeting, then sparkly bright (intelligent that is) while teaching 2 pupils, after which super alert and diligent by the barre!!!! :)

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