Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Colors - this time it's nails

Today my flute pupils said: Hey you've got watermelon nails! :D Maybe so... I did try on some green stuff on Monday & yesterday. But only for testing and having a bit of fun, not to make any super fine art. So, here's some grrrreeeeeeeen for people! After all, Spring is coming. Quite soon.

Had to put 3 layers of this nail polish to have Any color... And the stuff look quite dark in the bottle. Blah. (See the glitter? No? Neither do I.)

Ha! I've got 2 graffiti polishes, tried them both. Result -> watermelon nails! :D

First finger has already graffiti on it, but the other 3 don't. A blueish/turqoise polish, with a matt effect. And only ONE layer covers that much, such a difference to the first green one. Yup.

Turqoise nails with the two different graffitis. (Please ignore my awful cuticles :DDD)

Some Black, White and Purple for you. Here's latest pose of Viuhti, Her Royal Highness.

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