Monday, January 23, 2012

Knees with bruises

Today I woke up with loads of muscles aching - but wanted More! On Sunday morning only my left knee was lightly colorful, but today Both of them are very much colored.

But let me tell you: jazz was SO. MUCH. FUN. *heart*

What a gorgeous photo! (via

There were quite a lot of people on the Sunday class (jazz advanced, I'd say). The funniest thing was when I sat on the bench changing clothes, one of my old ballet friends came in! We took same classes (also jazz and modern) during teenage years and also some time before that. Also some other dance friends take this class, so it felt like a dive in memories...

Warming-up consisted of (good music and) jogging round the studio. Then as teacher clapped hands, we did some rolling down (head and back, legs straight). More jogging. Then roll down, walk forward with hands so that the body's straight (feet stay put where they are), back up. Roll down, walk to the right, then back up (standing). Roll, walk to the left, get up. Jog some more. Roll down, walk forward, stay. After a while lift right hand towards the ceiling, whole body facing right. Stay. Same to the left. After this some tummy crunches, like a Swiss army knife. Below the fabulous music we had! The man's called Tuomo Prättälä, an amazing singer/musician/songwriter... :) I've got this album.

Next we had technique routines. Plie - grand plie - releve. Tendu - jete - pirouette (changing directions a Lot). Pirouettes (balance/prep, half turn, another half, single turn or double - then the other side - both sides twice in all, in one song). Then in diagonal some fast basic steps (walking via releve), with different hand positions and couple times with upper body/shoulders moving with accents. Moving on to jumps. Small ones in diagonal. Bigger straight across the floor - for example a combination of soutenu & grand jete entournant & a "twirl" on the ground (don't know how to explain it, haha).

Some streching for our legs by the barre. Take the heel with your hand, lift the leg up in front. Stay. Move the leg to the side, stay. Flat-back, leg still on the side, stay. Straight back, hand to the third pos, leg stays by itself on the side (mine didn't though...).

I'd like to get these :) ->

Back to the middle. A short coreography! ...which included also some "spinning" on the floor - hence the bruises. On both knees. And on the metatarsus -> same thing. But I LIKE IT! :D

For the last minutes we had split-exercise. One minute per side. Just stay put.

Lovely <3


And I can't make it to Any of my classes this weekend, it's just SO wrong! Luckily there's the 90th anniversary gala performance to see on Saturday evening in the Opera house, by our National Ballet. Have to figure out the clothes.


  1. Yay for multiple ballet classes and multiple kinds of dance! I hope you're having fun! Oh, and take care of your knees!
    Mine are a little better today, but I'll try to avoid falling on them during today's rehearsal and I'll probably be wearing my knee bandage!

    PS. Enjoy that 90th anniversary gala! :D

    1. Hi Nerea! :)

      My knees aren't hurting today, yay indeed! :D But they sure are getting more and more colorful. Have to wear some Very Black tights on Sat with my dress, haha...

      The National Ballet very seldom shows their performances on tv or youtube, but this time they have a programme about the gala. It comes out on Sunday. I think it's a very nice gesture for all those who can't make it to the live shows :)