Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Spring Schedule

Okay, the term was Supposed to start tomorrow for me. But it won't and I am somewhat bummed by the fact. And why is this? Don't know. I mean, our Wednesday-teacher only sent a text saying that the classes will be on break, indefinitely. I haven't been more disappointead in ages, but one just has to live with it.

And make new plans! There ain't no more ballet classes offered in our town besides the Friday & Saturday ones that I'm already taking. But there's jazz! I'm going to the adult education centre's office tomorrow to ask if I could join 1-2 courses this week. The first one is latino jazz on Thursday, the second "normal" jazz on Sunday. Also I want to take the 1-week-long intensive course on modern dance (week 9, our winter break).

If I'll take all of those, it means something like this ->

Thursday / 18.30-19.30 / Latino jazz (basic)
Friday / 18.00-19.30 / Ballet (intermediate-advanced)
Saturday / 10.00-11.30 / Ballet (interm.-adv.) + short pointe session in the end
Sunday / 17.00-18.30 / Jazz (interm.)
Week 9 / Monday - Friday / 18.00-19.30 / Modern dance

I'm not too jazzed (haha) about 4 days in a row, but there isn't much to do about it. There IS a teen-ballet-advanced class on Monday evenings, but it's a bit expencive. Plus I don't feel quite yet ready... :D I did take that class once in the Autumn, but they'd already been doing the barre routines for a while (weeks, I mean) and all my energy went on trying to pick stuff by watching as we did the stuff. If they still have it in this August, I might go. Just Might.


p.s. Bought a pair of shoes today. Will tell more about them later. 


p.p.s. They were on clearance sale.


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