Friday, September 2, 2011

Pointes of my life, vol.3

As I am waiting for today's new class with the new teacher, I feel quite excited! Also decided to post the next shoes and here they are, The Gambas :) (Don't know the specific model.)

Viuhti the cat keeps an eye on them...

This pair suffered from an accident with water.

Cut these open, which I haven't done with the latest.

The picture carved here is/was beautiful :)

The end for them.

At the moment I'm still experimenting with 2 different pairs, each having their good qualities and also some not-so-good. But there's only about 60 minutes altogether of pointe practise in my week, so it might take a while to decide... :D

Today is rainy and cold, but let's hope the dancing will warm it up later on! And it's WEEKEND, yay... Tomorrow morning also one class :) On Sunday there'll be knitting & friends, looking forward to that, too.

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