Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting ready for October!

For the people in Germany it's Oktoberfest (well, probably for "some" others, too), but for me it's a month for breast cancer awareness.

Mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, girl, WOMAN.

I carry my ribbon for You <3

Something I have - Iittala's small pink Aalto-vase

Something I have - a pink reflector

Something I have (2 of these) - Iittala's HotCool glass/mug

Something I have - Fiskars's scissor set

Something I have - Fiskars's bag (not the tools though :))

Something I have (a couple of these, with 2 design ones :)) - the Finnish Pink Ribbon <3

Pink Ribbon cancer trust

(All pictures found with google.)

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