Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bolshoi Ballet - Class Concert 2011

Just bumbed into this lovely production in youtube (don't know if it'll stay there for long, recommend to see it soon). Don't know the coreographer nor the music, but it's all very enjoyable :) And it gets more and more wild towards the end! Also it's not too "serious", tiny sparks of humour are also (maybe) visible... :) All three parts on video here, after them some pictures (took screenprints myself, nothing brilliant :P).

From part one, just loved the skills of these girls! :)

(There are also boys appearing in all three parts :D)

From part two :)

(There's a Lot of other stuff happening in this part, too, but the little girls in the corner were So Cute at the end of this pdd!! :))

From part three :) (A-ma-zingggggggg.... Those jumps and well, Everything.)

Let me just say: WOW...

Adorable <3

Everyone :)

Thank you.

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