Sunday, September 18, 2011

In about a week, there will be BLOOD!

Together with a ballet-geek friend, decided to go and see some live action on Tuesday 27th (of this month). There's going to be a double evening = 2 works presented.

Blood Wedding - Scheherazade

The first coreography is by Cathy Marston, the second by Kenneth Greve himself. There are some photos on the page (gallery) and a short video, where K.G. tells a little bit about the story behind his piece. Also you get to see the wardrobe/dressmaker's department with parts of costumes :)

Also I'm planning on attending a ballet class before the show. Don't know if I've got the guts, but on the other hand it would be stupid Not to go - as I have a free day and will be in town early anyway... It would be a perfect combination, a class with an amazing teacher and dancer (as I've heard) and then some beautiful dancing by our National Ballet. The class ends at 18.30 and the "show" starts at 19.00 so now time to lose in between :D

Looking forward to it, come what may with the class decision!

Wilfried Jacobs (who'll be on stage!!!) and Julie Gardette. Photo from here.



The teacher on Tuesday would actually be Mrs Greve herself ;)

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