Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Muppets - with BALLET!

Hahaha! :D Just last night before going to bed I made a post with a video of pdd between me & Nureyev - today I found out this blogpost that's about the top 7 dance-related Muppet Moments!!! :D It really made me smile, because it was a super-similar timing and I real-ly did not know about it as I went to bed.

Go here and read & watch, it's hilarious! :D (Lot's of smiles today ;))
-> Bodies Never Lie: The Top 7 Dance-Related Muppet Moments


p.s. Tomorrow no ballet (like today), but maybe Tuesday... Some of M-P's magic?? Who knows... But surely there'll be a night with FNO :)

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