Monday, July 4, 2011

Examination Report

So, now it's over and I'm trying to feel "normal" again after being super-nervous for weeks :D My own feeling of the whole thing was that playing went fine, teaching wasn't the best I can give, interview was a nice conversation. Well, here's what the judges wrote in my report paper:

Performance (that's me playing the exam pieces)

Musicality: Excellent, stylish, energetic

Tone: very rich tone, varied with many colours

Posture: Excellent

Articulation: clear (I know I always have to work harder with this...)

Breathing: good (it was a very hot day, exams in the 3rd and highest floor of the building... needed lots of air, no good)

Memory: excellent (This I knew ;))

Teaching (I got to teach the first part of Blavet's sonata)

Knowledge of the teaching points: deep and thorough (There are these certain points in every piece we must know and teach etc.)

Communication of teaching points: clear, subtle, structured, beautiful demonstration

Teacher / pupil / parent relationship: good (I almost forgot to give advice to the mom in the end, and That's a mistake...)

Philosophy: very good, it is part of you

Listening skills  - Performance and Teaching (the identification of errors e.g. dynamics, breathing and articulation)

-> Excellent

General points 

Congratulations! It was a very enjoyable performance and wonderful teaching. We are looking to hearing you at the next level.


All in all, I'm happy ;)

And now it's time to dive into the solo recital pieces... My concert is on Thursday 21st of July.

A pastry named after our most famous composer - Sibelius! Photo taken and pastry eaten by ME :D

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