Monday, July 11, 2011

My Ballet Wardrobe, vol.2

Sooooooo, this is actually part 4 or 5, to be exact :P But the first ones were all the same (green, blue, black etc.) and then only minor change (black top, violet leggings)... But past Wednesday was something very different :) And here it is! :D

We start with the "bottom layer" -> burgundy (doesn't look like it here) leo, ballet pink (Intermezzo) convertibles, black Sansha Pros with ribbons (that's what I got used to as a kid)

Pinched front :)

The backside, not too low for me :)

We continue with the "second layer" -> extremely comfortable Nike shorts (they fit really well, though they look quite big here), the same light pink legwarmers as before :D
Dark grey :)

Last we have the "top layer" -> an almost seethrough tunic (from H&M), very light peach/pink

Here it is, with one pair of old pointes :)

I like it :) And you can wrap it round your waist or higher.

See? -> ...through :D

This week we had the Linnajazz-event going on, all over the town. (Linna means castle.) There's a lovely park right next to our castle and for over 20 years there's been a Sunday afternoon jazz-concert in July, for free! :) This year they had one of my absolute favorites there with his band, Sami Saari. Soul, funk, blues... And a great weather, too!

As you can see, Lots of people! And the castle :)

More people and the bank :)


The man himself, Sami Saari

The whole band (there were also Mr Keyboard and Mr Drums, but you can't see them here)

Roses are red...

Unfortunately the evening ended with this accident, which makes me very sad :(

Nothing wrong with the glass, but something very wrong inside :((((( And the phone was only in my soft bag.

Also today brought some not-so-happy ballet news. Roland Petit has passed away. We'll all remember him for his amazing works. Rest In Peace.

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