Friday, July 29, 2011

Pointes of my life, vol.1

Here we go, once again :) I'm going to start the journey from the first pair I've ever worn. I remember vaguely buying them with mom, but no memories of the actual fitting situtation. Those days there was a ballet-dance-shop in our town called Jumppari, I probably still have a plastic bag somewhere. It was a small place, but still nice.

So, the First Ones. Brand is Freed, but no idea of the model. If someone recognizes, please let me know :D

Mom sewed these :)

Size 5½, then there's a star, then X.

Pretty dancer :)

I think we were told to keep shoes like this, because I've always done it.

Don't take much space like this :)

Next time there'll be a pair with no brand! I've got no idea of who's made them, but there were a couple of us who used them. Mystery.... :D

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