Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ballet stuff coming up...

As it's been quite tiring for couple of weeks (hot weather & Suzuki exam), I haven't managed to write much about this passion of mine... BUT what I Can report shortly is this: had the same clothes (green-blue-white-black) again week after the blog post :P And week after that it was black top, otherwise the same :D

2 weeks ago I found out that this other teacher we have, she has a short period of pointe at the end of her classes. But those who don't participate in it, they do other stuff in the mean time. So, last week I taped my toes in case I'd feel like trying the Glissés again... but no. I was dead tired and decided to save my legs a bit. It felt somewhat frustrating, but I want to feel active and wide awake when going en pointe again. This week (tomorrow that is!!!) we'll have a class with This teacher, next week with our regular one. I think I'll tape them toes again, but probably won't try yet. But it's better to have the tapes ready, if I Do try :)

I like taking photos and I got dad's old cameras (film) and objectives for Christmas. So I've been planning for example shooting those hard shoes of mine! I've got 3 pairs at home, I think... The first ones I've ever worn (Freed, no idea of the model), the last ones I had as a teenager (Capezio Contempora) and the ones I use these days (C. Glissé). At my parents' house there are at least 2 pairs more, also one Very Old pair of my aunt's :) Would be quicker to shoot them with the digital camera (and first I probably will), but then later on there'll be paper photos like them good old days :D

But NOW it's time for ice cream and strawberries!!! <3


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