Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Music this weekend

...and actually for the past 2 years. I've been studying the Suzuki-method for flute, level 3 (of teaching). On Saturday we have the examination, quite scary - though I know the performance pieces well by heart and teaching is fun. There's also an interview by the "board" in the end, in English because our judges aren't Finns :)

So this ain't a ballet post, but still in English :P I want to share the music we've studied on this level. It's all baroque except Cimarosa, on other levels there are other styles too.

Book IV

J.S.Bach - Flute Sonata in C major - Menuet

J.S.Bach - Flute Sonata in E flat major - Siciliano (begins at 3:45)

G.F. Händel - Flute Sonata in G major - Allegro & Menuet  (in the book Menuet is to be studied first - Allegro at 1:43 and Menuet at 6:43)

M. Blavet - Flute Sonata in d minor (the whole 5 parts) (1/2)

M.Blavet - Flute Sonata in d minor (2/2)

Book V

J.S.Bach - Suite in b minor - parts: Rondo, Sarabande, Bourrée I & II

D.Cimarosa - Concerto for 2 flutes - Largo (II) and Rondo (III) (we study both flute parts - not very good quality on this video, but hey, there's Rampal himself playing! ...but he's done the 1st part in Rondo a bit easier :D)


In the examination we play Händel's Allegro and the 4 parts of Bach in b minor, everything with piano. And without notes, of course :P The teaching part goes like this: we get to know the piece when the student comes in, so there isn't much time to think and prepaire stuff (it has to be all ready in your mind - then just quickly pick the things you want to use, like tone exercise etc.). The piece is one of those videos. I admit, there are some that I would rather teach than others, but I'll manage with whatever comes my way. (I hope.)

Soon dad comes to take Viuhti to their place for couple days, 'cos I'll be in Helsinki. That means 2 nights of deep sleep (without meowing by the door :P), or maybe 3 if she'll stay with them until Sunday. On Fri-Sat night I'll be testing Omena-hotel in Eerikinkatu (Helsinki). In May I stayed at the Lönnrotinkatu-hotel, very nice and tidy :)

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