Friday, June 17, 2011

The historical Second - My Ballet wardrobe, vol.1

I love looking at people's training clothes and shoes, soft & pointe ones. Also I spend Too Much time on different ballet shop pages - Looking, not buying... :D I also Love the training itself, hope no-one gets me wrong... Anyway, this is the first post where I'm revealing something from my cupboard to the world. Sounds "exciting", right? :P

So, on Wednesday was my first class in 3,5 weeks. My lately operated ankle needs exercise and ballet is one of the best ways to strengthen the muscles slowly. Of course one has to listen to the injured part - as I did, left out some of the jumps and all pirouettes on the left foot. (But did balancing!) With all my enthusiasm I planned what to wear beforehand - also had purchased some tops from Hennes & Mauritz and a pair of shorts, naturally wanted to try them in action... Here's what I came up with :)

The quite bright green top (H&M), those brrrright blue shorts (H&M), black leggings (capri-lenght) and Sansha Pro's :)

Also added the white top, because the green only would've been a bit too revealing for me (since there's no leotard under it, only bra). Light pink leg warmers too, for the beginning of the class. 

These are actually Very Old, but I didn't use them at the time I got them (didn't like pink as a kid/teen). Now I Like them A Lot :D

Some details :)

The end of round one, more to come. Have to do some essays, then there's time for sewing those ballet skirts :)


  1. Great to hear that you´re back in class!

    I love virtual ballet-shopping too :) And I have heard from friend Iina that Porselli has great deals.. Anyway, I just ordered a leo together with another friend to cut shipping costs. Can´t wait :)

    Very colorful outfit, but I love green and blue together! Do you wear leos at all? Personally, I think they are much more comfortable, nothing shifts around and everything stays in place. And you don´t need underwear :)

    Thinking of doing a similar post, but have to get new camera first. Thanks for the pics, it is fun to see what others are wearing!

  2. Hi again! :)

    I've got those 2 leos, but haven't actually worn them in class... :D I have bit of a boob-issue (too much of them), so I need kind of extra support under. But: I have decided that in August (at the latest) I'll start wearing them! This decision is atttached to sewing those skirts - which will probably happen in July, after my Suzuki-examination.

    Yesterday I was Lazy, had the same outfit as last week. Next week will be different, a bit at least. But now it's almost time to leave to see FNB in the park :)))