Thursday, June 16, 2011

The historical First

A certain fellow blogger urged me to write also in English, so here we go! This is only a short notice of What I'm going to present in this other language :) ...the answer is quite simple: ballet stuff! I'll also tag them with "ballet" & "English", so you can find them easier.

*** Edit: The ballet posts in Finnish will be tagged with "baletti". I'll try to translate some of them later :) ***

My first post will be wardrobe oriented, because yesterday I got the idea of taking photos before each class of the set I'll be wearing :D Not on me, but on the floor / bed. The only problem is the lighting, colors won't be exactly the same as in nature. But let's not mind about it :)

Color hints: black, bright blue, quite bright green, light pink, white. (Weird, right?) Oh and purple :D

Also I try to tell, where I've bought the stuff, so maybe someone will get some new ideas or have comments about their experiences etc.

p.s. Yesterday I had my first class after a Long Break - yay! Lots of sw... Glowing!!! (as Johanna pointed out ;))

Pic from  (Those could be my slippers :D)

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