Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today in studio

Spent half the day doing nothing. After that - some nailpolish fumes. After which it was time to pack some slippers and a bottle of water, then take a quick ride (with bike) to the old potato flour factory. When walking up the stairs I felt like a big bag of that dusty product. I'd been waiting eagerly to get back to barré, but my legs and body didn't want to do it. Luckily my persuasion skills were quite good today! :) Had plenty of time to change clothes, put 3 bobbypins to my hair, walk to the studio.

I've taken photos of my summer outfits, mostly with the phone but also some with a real camera. Decided to use lots of colors this season! :) Have to put them on this laptop and make an exhibition, haha... Today was black with purple -day. Purple leggings and top, some purple flowers on the black shirt, blackish (well, dark-gray) shorts. Last week it was mostly Brrrrright red. (Saw a lovely shirt at H&M, had to buy it...)

So, as I got my place and started warming up, The Feeling kind of got over me. And I knew it was going to be a good one, this class.

We've had a guest "star" this summer, a 7th grader boy whose mom is a regular at the class. He goes to the Opera Ballet School (in Helsinki) and is quite good for his age, I think. It's nice to look at his pirouettes and jumps (he sure has that ballon). Today he had a school friend over, who participated also. Another nice thing about this 7th grader is that he's very polite. I really appreciate kids who know how to behave these days. I've seen enough of those who can't do that. 

Ooooookay, about the class. Barré routines were new, all of them. The musics were new, haven't heard them during these 2 years. It's always fun! :) Felt a bit lazy in grand pliés, but tried to fight against it. There was literally no feedback (to me) during the whole 90 minutes, but tried to give some myself, inside my head.

In the centre... Well, mostly it was the same stuff as last week, but they are interesting routines, so I'm not complaining. What I _am_ complaining about are my pirouettes. They were somewhat les miserables this evening... Felt ashamed. Managed to get a small grip at some point, maybe next week will be better again. Hope so! Other moves were much much better.

Here's some dust from that tricky little friend, the Pirouette Fairy... ;)
In the end, for about 10 minutes, we had a chance to practice en pointe. I felt tired and worn out, but still wanted to wear those shoes, so that's what I did. But what I didn't do was centre work, kept myself by the barré during all routines. Concentrated on knees (straight), releves (do not jump), my core (keep it tight but active), shoulders (down) and chin (up). Except that for reverance we all were in the centre.

So it happened once again. A sweaty 90 minute dance class made me feel lighter, happier and... well, Able. I could do things I didn't know 2 years ago I'd be doing again. And they were almost easy again :) I think I've stayed in love, all these years.

Now it's time to strech a little bit more and then sleep. About 3 weeks left of my summer holiday.

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