Friday, July 27, 2012

One Pink Bag

They're brand new and MINE. 

They came in a hot pink pouch, with a same color small tote bag. 

The code is 10M/4-221-22.

With suede tips. 


I got very lucky yesterday as I went to Footlight dance store to ask for a fitting appointment later this/next month. Just guess what the salesperson said! "We can do it right away, if you want. I'm the other fitter in our store and there are no reservations for today." And then I was like, OKAY! :D

The process itself was interesting and gave me new thoughts on pointe shoes in general. Also before we started, I got to check out some shoes that were cut in half, so you could see the inside materials (the profile). There was also a traditional shoe to compare with.


I'm of course talking about gaynors. My camera's battery just died, so it takes a while to load before I'll get the photos on the computer. But later there will be many to see! :)


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