Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Only 2 classes left!

This was kind of an extra week, as we weren't suppose to have classes - but eventually we did! :) Next week there's still one on Monday, one on Wednesday. After that? It's just waiting for the end of August. Fall semester begins on 20th.

Today's class was as intense as Monday, with a horrible-ish weather outside (warm, raining, oppressive...). Barre-combinations were the same, except streching (Monday: talon a la main / today: whole body in use).  I was a bit on the slobby side, but didn't give up.

In the center we had a new tendu-routine, with a pirouette en dedans starting from 4th but efface! Those we have really seldom. Other stuff was familiar / same as before. But fun :)

The thought that really hit me as I came home was this:

I've taken classes from 9 (NINE) different ballet teachers this year!

During Autumn I had 4 of them regularly, during Spring only 2. But 3 more every now and then (in Helsinki). Plus one who was a substitute couple of times (in my hometown). Aaaaand one whose class I tried (for "fun") in October in our town. It's all quite funny and also very interesting, as I had only one teacher as a kid/teen. All these teachers have been different, more Russian styles but also one French school. Some others somewhere in between. I really have to empty my brain in the class and focus on who's teaching and what are her priorities. (And yes, they've all been women. Would be interesting though to have a male teacher sometimes.)

I'm a bit nervous about the up-coming year. There's going to be only a few chances for adults and ballet in our town, Friday evening and Saturday morning. The only other possibility is to take the "advanced teenagers/youth" classes, but the Monday class is 8-9.30 pm (ends quite late.......) and on Friday it's the same time as the one I took this year. Probably will try to take some tourist classes in Helsinki again, but can't decide them now. 

About equipment -> As I wrote earlier, my favorite pair of soft slippers are right on the edge of death :D Well, one could still use them after next week, but I think there's a limit of how much one wants to put tape in them. And I've got some pairs waiting, so it's like starting school as a kid - every Autumn you get new pens and stuff, now it's new slippers! :)

...and tomorrow we're going to Helsinki with 2 of my brothers. Shall pay a visit to 2 dance stores, maybe the 3rd one also. But just maybe. New pointes are on my list, but have to figure out some little details first. Anyway, hoping that it's not raining all day. 

A detail of a statue in Esplanadi Park, Helsinki :)

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