Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The dress, Aztec and ugly toes

The wedding on Saturday (continued till Sunday afternoon) was just Lovely. Good music, wonderful people, loads of Love. My legs/feet were so tired on Monday that after thinking loooooong about it, I didn't go to class in the evening. (Also had some other health issues, but everything's okay now.) Do regret it now, but not So much. And tomorrow I'll definitely go!

(Got to love picmonkey... ;)) These 2 were So Cute :)

Me and the dress before leaving home :)

Yesterday evening I decided to put on some nailpolish on my toes, as I didn't have time to do it on Saturday morning. Picked up a bottle that I fell in love with already in Spring, but bought just a week ago. It's from this funny little (chain) shop called Accessorize, they have an online store also. The color isn't just one, it's many! Blue, green, gold and bronze, purple, pink... Everything in between. The photos from my toes don't look so amazing (awful to be exact), but the bottle gives a little bit better idea.

Not ideal toes for pointe shoes...

Love the diversity!
So, my toes are READY to dance!

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