Thursday, December 29, 2011

Summa Summarum 2011, vol.1

This year (calendar, not season) I've been lucky enough to see a total of 5 works, ballet that is. 2 of them during the same night, one of them twice - during the same day! :D I want to write about them separately, but since I haven't done it yet, I have bit of a suspicion about it... For now I'll sum them up and later maybe share my thoughts more.

The first one was Romeo & Juliet, Cranko's coreography, on 30th of April. Stars of the show were Tiina Myllymäki and Jani Talo.

Romeo and Juliet by Ooppera

The second/third was the night with 2 works, The Blood Wedding / Scheherazade, in September. I'm embarrassed to say, but I've forgotten the details! Have to check them later :)

Blood Wedding by Ooppera

Scheherazade by Ooppera

The fourth was Cinderella, new coreography (by Terence Kohler) with new music (by Lera Auerbach). I was surprised to like it as much as I did :)

Cinderella by Ooppera

The fifth was of course my birthday, the day of 2 x Nutcracker! :D First Clara/Prince-couple were Salla and Jaakko Eerola, second were Petia Ilieva and Nicholas Ziegler (what an amazing prince he was, might I add...).

Petia & Nicholas by Ooppera


At the moment I'm ill, not having the energy to do much. Luckily there are works to see online, too :)


  1. Voi mä oisin tahtonut nähdä Veren häät ja Scheherazaden! Äiti ne kävi katsomassa ja tykkäs iahn tosi paljon! Se uusi Tuhkimokin ois kiinnostanut! No, onneksi näin edes Don Quijoten ja keväällä ois vuorossa sit Coppelia. :)

  2. Coppeliaa ootan kans! :) Ja Bajadeeria. Jänskää nähdä, millaisia roolituksia tulee... Ja Donkkis on näkemättä, sen haluaisin kyllä kans katsoa, kun kerran menee vielä.