Monday, August 29, 2011

Test run, vol. 1

Okay, contestant number One is here. Called "Shabby Peonies" it is, and the reason for considering this are the colors and the overall feeling. The lace on the sides aren't my absolute favorites, but at the moment they don't show that much under the "text part" in the middle.

You'll find picture of Shabby Peonies here.

Also I changed the headline-picture, as I found this supercute from the net :) The font doesn't please me, but it's the best I could choose quickly :D

Other stuff: today I had another pointe class - yay! Wore the capezios for a change (haha...) and they felt so different. But not bad. My ankles are still a bit too wobbly to do much on the middle, but I don't mind :)

Also I had a practice with a certain choir that's going to make a Christmas album! I'll be playing in 3 songs, like them quite much. Especially the 2 that Jukka Linkola has arranged. So beautiful, the other one so funny! :)

Now I'm at home, trying to relax a bit. Nice life :)

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