Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lots of changes happening around me

Well, the most obvious change is visible here: I'm searching for the Next Template :) Have been flipping through lots of pages (The Cutest Blog on the Block and Shabby Blogs for example), also the pictures and stuff that Blogger offers. It's too difficult to choose! Also I'm very picky, so it has to be really nice in all ways... I think there'll be a test run for a couple that I've found. Then it's decision time. Yikes!

At first I wanted to write about the crafts that I do, my cat Viuhti, food & cooking... Then I found ballet again and as someone Might have noticed (haha), most of the posts are about dancing. Or the dance gear. Also the majority of posts these days are in English, especially ballet-subjected. The bilingual-thing is here to stay. (I'm not so organized nor productive/good writer that there would be enough to keep two separate blogs...) (Or who knows. But not yet anyway.) (I have Huge respect for those, who manage more than one blog :))

Other changes are for example this "mold-my-body"-project and "think-more-about-what-you-eat"-thing. I feel better all the time and want to dance/learn more. One other change would affect my sleeping pattern - which is quite terrible. But when I'm going to work in the afternoon, there's no Must-reason to get up early... And then stay up late. Have to try changing it. (There's also Viuhti, who wakes me up once or twice almost every night. Especially if I go to bed early.)

Tomorrow there's going to be a pointe class, the second one this year :) After which I have to storm out and head for a practice with a choir (to play the flute). Luckily the rehearsal is located Very near my home, so it's a fast journey after it.

Now, time to flip through some more photos.


  1. I like your new look! It will be interesting to see what template you´ll finally pick. And as always, I´ll be glad help with whatever I can :)

  2. Thanks!! :) I've got a few candidates, shall try one of them in couple of days.