Monday, August 22, 2011


Last Wednesday's class was nice :) I'm looking forward to upcoming week's session(s). Tomorrow evening we'll have the first pointe-get-together. It's a bit, or a lot I mean, nerve-wrecking to do this thing after manymany years. And to know that I wasn't anything brilliant back in those teen years with the "toe shoes". There's still a long way to go and develop, when my overall physical shape is concerned. But (and there always is one): during the whole year (from last August till today) there definitely has been progress. So I'm on the right track! And the biggest positive point about it is that I really like what I'm doing.

Biggest challenge this Autumn (or semester or whole year) is to improve balancing on left side. With the right leg I don't even have to think about it that much (of course Something has to be done, but it happens almost by itself). When we're working with the right leg and standing on left, like tendus on the middle, it's just wobbly too often. It Is better than a year ago, but still not the same as before the ankle breaking etc.

Another challenge I've decided: better pirouettes. Which means clean singles at the moment :D I know I can do them, but it would be nice to happen every time... :P

Challenge by the barre: developpes (want to make them at least a tiny bit higher) and fondus (the plié and the whole movement... feels super heavy and frustrating, blaaaaaaaaaah) (so, I would like to like them, that's the point).

Soooooo.... This week I'll have pointe on Monday, regular class on Wed & Sat. Maybe another class on Sat, but that's only a maybe. In September there'll start a Friday class, and then my week is kind of complete :) Work for 5 days, ballet (=play) for 4.

Also new template being chased after for this blog... But I'm in no hurry, so have to look around a bit and try different stuff. To see what is me ;)

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