Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Only one day to go before....!!!

New season starting at the dance schools, as well as the "normal" schools did last week in our region. I started my flute-teaching job today, 5 lovely pupils all in one row, no breaks. And I'm not kidding, they were very nice! :)

But on upcoming Wednesday: first ballet lesson with my new teacher, at a new dance school. Yikes indeed. I know one girl (well, woman like me :D) who's gone there for couple of years(?), and talked with her last week. I think it's going to be ok, but still I'm very excited/nervous. In a good way! Also the teacher phoned me last week, as I'd sent her e-mail considering for example the pointe lessons on Mondays. Sounded very promising. After Wednesday's lesson I think I'll know, whether or not I'll like this school's style.

Today was a day of ups and downs. Mainly ups, I guess. Which is good, of course ;) Washed a full machine of dance stuff -> definitely an "up" :) There's still some to wash, as I'm quite lazy when it comes to doing the laundry... Today's load was all darks, blac - dark grey - petrol blueish. Still some orange, red, blue (as I forgot it today), powder "light" to go... No chance of putting them in the same load. Wannabe-dancer's life seems to be Very Interesting today, yes?

By the way, after one week I'll know, how those 45 minutes' pointe lessons are :) As a teenager, we had part of every class (almost) pointe, but don't remembed too much of them. Pity... Every time I think of those days, I miss my old teacher. She was super, although I wasn't the most eager pupil always ;) Would be awesome to meet her some day again. She's not working anymore, so it's kind of "mission impossible". I know that her husband does some performing (and teaching...?) still, but that's about all the information. She always called me Iepukka, as a nick name of my real name Eeva :)

This post turned out to be a lane of memories, kind of. It's funny how thoughts twirl sometimes - especially if you're a woman :P

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  1. Aattelin laittaa sulle tännekin linkkiä pariin paikkaan, joista voi noita tasutoja kattella blogiinsa. :)

    Mä kuulin, ettei Liikuntakeskuksella oo enää keskiviikkoisin aikuisbalettia! Harmi!

  2. Kiitos :D Täytyykin illan hikisetin jälkeen kattella mitä kivaa noista löytyy :)

    Aika moni harmitteli, kun se keskiviikon tunti jäi pois. Tykkäsin ite ainakin viime viikolla siitä Tanssipisteen ke-tunnista, vaikka olikin aika erilaista meininkiä :)