Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good music - Kuukumina!

About an hour ago came home from a fantastic club gig, played by -> Kuukumina!!!

They play (like the site tells us) Afro-Cuban & world music and the recipe for it goes like this: " Take a little bit of Son, combine it with Rumba and dip it in Salsa. Mix with Flamenco and Samba. Cooked in the Kuukupot, the outcome is unpredictable. But beware – it’s always spicy!"

There are some songs on the site, go and listen :) Also there's one live video from Huvilateltta in Helsinki on Youtube. Don't listen to it just before going to bed, otherwise you won't be able to sleep - you just want to dance :D

Que viva Chango

Goooooood night!

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