Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Music videos with ballet or "ballet" - part one

Once in a while we bumb into a music video that has a dancer in it. And to be exact, I mean a ballerina. Or a male imitating one. Or then a male dancer. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they make us wonder "Why have they done this??", sometimes something else. I thought I'd present some here, also to make myself remember them better. (Most are also songs that I Like :D)

We start with No more "I Love You's" - by the wonderful Annie Lennox.

Although the whole video is a parody of something, I like it. It has strong tones, the coloring matches the feeling. Lennox has other "quirky" videos, too, and I like them, too :D

Tomorrow it's ballet for me again, yay!

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