Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Season 2012-2013

Last week the Opera & Ballet announced their repertoire for next season. Not completely, but most of it. It's going to be an interesting year again. They revealed all works for Autumn-Winter -12, and one premiere for Winter-Spring -13. The rest of the works (returning to repertoire) will be announced in the Autumn. But everything's to be seen here: Opera's calendar in English.

About one year ago I made plans of what I'd like to see this year (11-12). And almost all I did see! Here's a list:

*** During Autumn - Winter: ***
* Blood Wedding / Scheherazade -> yes
* Cinderella (world premiere from Kohler) -> yes
* The Nutcracker (twice in one day, though it wasn't my plan) -> yes

*** During Winter - Spring: ***
* The 90th Anniversary Gala of the Ballet Company -> yes!
* Don Quijote -> nope :(
* Coppélia -> nope :(
* La Bayadere (Minna Tervamäki's farewell performance) -> yes!

*** Shows yet to come this season: ***
* The ballet school's spring recital
* Helsinki International Ballet Competition
* The (free) performance of ballet company at the Senate Square in Helsinki (25.5.2012)
* The summer tour of the ballet company, in different cities/towns
* Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (in Kuopio)

But what would I like to see next year? I like making lists, so here's one more.

* Romeo and Juliet - I did see this production in 30.4.2011 and liked it a lot. It depends a bit on who're doing the leading roles. (I'm guessing Baranova and Krcmar will do it, as they are the young ones. But who else?)
* The Boston Ballet's guest performances - as I've admitted already before, contemporary ballet isn't my (biggest) thing. But I'll probably never again have the opportunity to see this company, so it's a must anyway.
* Le Corsaire - never seen this before (live) and it's a classic -> to the must-see-list.
* Manon - never seen this one either, so... -> to The List.
* Dance Battle - a new coreography by Minna Tervamäki (premieres this Spring -12). Would probably be interesting.
* The Snow Queen - they've put Nutcracker on hold for some years and there's this brand new work coming from Mr. Greve himself. Snow Queen is based on a fairytale by H.C.Andersen and has references to Finland! It doesn't have the "traditional" music of Jukka Linkola (from the movie), but Tuomas Kantelinen has composed new stuff. I liked Greve's Scheherazade and the small piece he'd made for last summer's tour. So this goes -> to The List.
* Bella Figura - "a triple bill featuring works by three world-famous choreographers." They are Kylián, Balanchine and Wheeldon. Contemporary, but probably very interesting.

The promo pic for Corsaire! :D (photo from ooppera.fi)

There's going to be other ballets too, but we have to wait for the information. Blah... I want to know already! :D Have to start saving for all the tickets. Or buy opera binoculars and the cheapest tickets.


  1. WOW!!!! what a fantastic ballet season you have had so far and I must say that there is quite a few performances I would have loved to have seen, La Bayadere would have been amazing :-)
    Looking at the end of this season, still some outstanding performances for you to see, I hope you get to them :-)
    Next season looks just as incredible, I think you are very fortunate to have such a good ballet programme and in my eyes it's a lot better than what we have here in the U.K.
    Good luck to you and I hope you get to all the performances you want.
    So happy you have a good year for ballet and I hope next season is even better :-)
    Love your blog too :-)

    1. Hi & thanks for your comment! :) I share your opinion about the season(s). The only thing that could be even better would be still living in Helsinki, so much easier to just take a tram to the Opera... But on the other hand, now it feels even more special to go and see a ballet, as one has to put some effort to it (which is to take a buss there and back, about 90 minutes in each direction).
      And how curious am I to know the rest of next season, keeping my fingers crossed to see as much as possible! :)
      Btw, I recommend watching the video I had in my previous post - it's from the Bayadere I saw!

  2. Voi mä tahdon nähdä Merirosvon ja Lumikuningattaren! Pakko on päästä edes toinen katsomaan. Ja Trockadero ois tietty tarkoitus nähdä, kunhan se ei vaan myy loppuun. Onneksi on kaksi esitystä. :)

    1. Heippahei! Toivottavasti pääset molempiin :) Tavallaan vähän harmi, ettei oo Linkolan musiikkeja Lumikuningattaressa, mutta toisaalta tykkään kyllä Kantelisen leffasävellyksistä yleensä aina. Varmaan mielenkiintoista musiikkia luvassa...
      Mä aattelin, että olis kiva katsoa se jälkimmäinen Trockaderojen show, mut en tiedä vielä onnistuuko.