Monday, April 9, 2012

Lady Luck is called Alice!

The Ballet Bag had an article about Royal Ballet's Alice, mainly the costumes in it. Also there was an Alice dvd promo competition, which I entered (as it said global answers were welcome). Well. Guess what?

I won!!!

Had to read the e-mail "a couple" of times, but there it was. I am getting an autographed copy of the wonderful work. It's going to be my first very own ballet dvd. I do have one Swan Lake on vhs, but it doesn't count as it's been recorded from tv. And the autographs are from Royal Ballet Principals Lauren Cuthbertson (Alice), Steven McRae (the Mad Hatter), Zenaida Yanowsky (the Queen of Hearts) and Edward Watson (the White Rabbit).

Happy. Happy. HappY! HAPPY!!! Yay! 


p.s. You can read the article HERE.
Photo by Johan Persson/Royal Opera House


  1. Replies
    1. This was a total surprise, as I'd forgotten the whole thing! :D And a funny coincidence, as I'd just written about Her Majesty, Queen of hearts :)

  2. Wau, vähän siistiä! Onnea ihan sikana! :)

    1. Tänks! :D Toivottavasti postimies (tai -nainen) kuskaa sen pian tänne.