Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One fabulous dancer called M. Krcmar

I mentioned in my Bayadere-post how positively surprised I was with his talent. One would just sit there, in the audience, with mouth almost open, and watch. And then give huge applause and some even shout bravo bravo! I'm telling you, he is a dancer we'll hear much more about. Appointed principal dancer last Autumn (2011) at the age of 21. Here's a video I just found, Solor's variation from Bayadere. It's most probably from the performance I saw, as he hasn't done more of them yet. And the set/costumes are exactly the same. The jumps and the pirouettes. Wow. Had to watch it couple of times before writing this! He has that royal kind of nobility here, in all the gestures. And it's all so... ready. Mature. But I'm eagerly waiting to see more on stage, to see how he develop(pe)s.


(He also has a page in fb.)

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