Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinterest & Weheartit

Some or many of you are using these photo-sites, where we get to make our own collections, boards, sets, galleries... I'm talking about Pinterest and We<3it. Personally I love both, they give me ideas, I get to dream, see what other people like.

Here are my profiles for both sites :) Feel free to follow.

-> iepukka in Pinterest

-> iepukka in We<3it

I've got 29 sets in weheartit, but there would be oh-so-many other subjects, too, that I'd like to collect... The amount of sets might increase, sloooowly :) Pinterest is the newer "hobby" of these, but 11 boards there to see already. It felt a bit more difficult to use, at first, but now it's almost equally fascinating. And also it seems maybe a tiny bit more adult-like site. Maybe.

My collections include ballet stuff in both places, but today I'll give a sample of something different :)

A Super Gorgeous dress I found in Pinterest!!! :)

A Very Cute drawing via weheartit. Well, I like both, books and cats :)


The up-coming week I'm having only 3 days of work + one concert. Plus (hopefully) 4-5 classes of dance. The week after that? Well... FREEEEEEEE! :) One week of vacation. If I'm lucky, there'll be a contemporary dance course of 5 days, but it might get cancelled if there aren't enough participants. Let's keep our fingers crossed, right? :)

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