Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lack of ballet

In August (2011) I was super-happy, 4 classes of ballet in a week! Then in the middle of the semester our Monday pointe got combined with our Wednesday's "normal" class. This January (2012) both of them got cancelled. So I was left with 2 classes of ballet - Not Enough!!!!

As there were no options for more ballet, I figured jazz would be fun again, after some (10 at least) years. Sunday class was my plan, also took a look at other types of classes and latino jazz seemed interesting. So I'd get 4 classes in a week and the only negative side being the fact that they'd be All between Friday and Sunday. Spring semester seemed quite fine and dandy *happy face*.

.....aaaaand now it seems that the latino class will be cancelled, due to what? No participants but me & teacher. It's really a bummer, because it's fun and challenging at the same time. Also the teacher Might move to another town in the Autumn, so there probably won't be classes then either. But it's not definite yet, so not worrying too much about it.

....buuuuuuuuut today I enrolled in a Contemporary Dance class, an intensive one!!! *happy face Again* It's next week and won't be cancelled, I asked. There are enough people coming, yay! And the teacher was in same ballet / jazz / contemporary classes with me as a teenager! (Enough exclamation marks?) Here she is:

Photo from http://eridance.net/etusivu/

Photo by Matti Kivekäs

Photo by Matti Kivekäs

I'm sure it will be interesting, also probably quite challenging - it's been also about 10 years since my last contemporary class (ha! except that one class I took in Helsinki this January). 

This week's Friday I might go to Helsinki for some ballet, if everything goes ok (we don't have our regular class). That would mean meeting one new teacher more, but I've heard So Much good things about her that I'm only positive about it. Saturday there's the morning class (regular) and then probably the last latino jazz. Last week I got a private class, as there was no-one else, quite nice.... And effective! Sunday there's the "normal" jazz. Then my vacation and the intensive course (Mon - Fri), Saturday with a 90th birthday party (friend's grandma), Sunday with... Nothing. Free day :)

p.s. Yesterday I got a message that these 2 pairs have arrived - we made an order together with some ballet geeks. Yay!!!!!

Bloch - Neo Flex slip-on jazz shoe

Bloch - Pump

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