Monday, November 7, 2011

Not writing as I planned...

This weekend was supposed to be about just free time, taking ballet class, watching Cinderella (the ballet), writing blog (about ballet memories, photos and some music). Well. It was. Partly.

Saturday's morning class was okay, except that Friday's evening class was still "in my legs", so balancing and pirouettes weren't there. My head was still sleeping, I guess. I didn't stay for the pointe-quarter (15 minutes) for 2 reasons. Firstly, there had been 2,5 weeks without any pointe/ballet, so I wanted to get back in touch with the game in "peace". Secondly, I had to catch the train straight after our class. Yes, with red face and stupid hair. But I made it!

Cinderella was... certainly an experience worth paying for. The music surprised me maybe the most. The dancing - not so much. It was beautiful, but we kept waiting for a "clear highlight". A series of amazing pirouettes or jumps or lifts or something. There wasn't such moment. Now I'm NOT saying the coreography was boring, but maybe I waited for more? Don't know. I have to write more about this, think about it.

But that'll happen After I've done the last 2 sets of my Ballet Week :) ...which will be hopefully tomorrow (Monday) and the day after it (Tuesday). If not, then later. But I Am determined to do them.

At the moment I'm thinking and pondering and wondering, if I'll have the energy to go to a beginners' class tomorrow. I missed a Wednesday class because of the recent flu and this is the only option to make up for it. Of course I could take it a week or two after tomorrow... I think I'll decide after work. It is a very very very basics class, but it might be nice. To do them tendus and pliés reeeeaaaaallllly properly.

Now it's time to sleep. Good night.

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