Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Ballet Week - Le carnaval des animaux (avec James Bond)

This is The EXCLUSIVE ballet memory,
the last one I'm writing during this particular Ballet Week -project.
Thank you Hannah for the lovely idea! :)

Right. So, theres the music by Camille Saint-Saëns. Just googled it and found out that the amazing Christopher Wheeldon has made a ballet to it. I'd sure want to see it... Actually I have been wondering, how come no-one's made it. At least I haven't heard of performances in Finland. 


May I present:

Carnival of the Animals

The pupils of my old dance school
(Also you Might recognize the narrator in the videos.) 

year something (in the 80's, probably May 1988/89)

*** Please, do not use photos without asking me first. Thank You.***

Our cool Lion King! ...with his (her actually) two loyal helpers, the foxes.

No photos of this one, sorry... But there were 2 hens (with tutus) and a rooster - over whom the girls were fighting :D

No photos of this one, either. 

Our lovely tortoise couple :)

You probably can Not guess who's the one looking down, when everyone else is looking up.

It sure is ME! :)

Look, I'm wearing a tutu!

Mother and the offspring :)

Our aquarium had goldfish in it. Lovely costumes!

No photos of this one.

Our cuckoo had her first pointes in this piece, too bad you can't see them here. (But in the finale you can!)

Our Lady Bird had had her pointes for a while already - and the loyal foxes are present! (p.s. That video is Not my favorite version of the Aviary, But there's James Bond in the beginning! Had to put it...)

Don't know if we had this at all, probably not because there's no animal in it. But this video is hilarious! :D

Just Love this fossil! :) Maybe my favorite piece - after the Aviary, of course ;)

Oh how we envied this girl and the Gorgeous tutu...
It was so beautiful :) (Mischa Maisky's playing isn't too bad, either.)

(There Should be a piccolo, not a c-flute, in this one. Boo.....)
The elephants can be quick, you know. Up to 40 km's/hour.

Elephant - the beast which passeth all others in wit and mind. (Aristotle)

(In right corner: the person with long ears.)

Thank You All for reading about my ballet memories.
This has been a very fun and interesting project. Also made me cry more than once.
(I'm really getting old.)
Couldn't be happier that I'm taking classes and dancing again.
It is a luxury to have 2 passions in life, and how they combine in each other. 
Now it's time to sleep a little - and develop(pe) new ideas ;)
Good Night!

Me and the Swan Lake (there really is one in our town.)

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